St. George’s Cemetery

St. George's Church, Millom

St. George’s Church, Millom

Individuals buried at St. Georges cemetery are:

John O’Brien

Mary Carroll O’Brien

Millom is a town on the estuary of the River Duddon in Cumbria, England, which, in Victorian times, was merely a small hamlet by the name of Holborn Hill. The name is Cumbrian dialect for “At the mills”. Historically it is located as the most southerly town in Cumberland, but with the local government changes in county boundaries in 1974, the administrative county of Cumberland was abolished and Millom formed part of the new county of Cumbria.The prominent landmark of St. George’s Church was designed by Paley & Austin and consecrated in 1877. It was built when Millom was rapidly expanding due to the Hodbarrow Mines and Millom Ironworks. The church’s spire is a Millom landmark, and can be seen far and wide from the shores of the Furness Peninsula.


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