Andrew Bryan

Andrew Bryan, son of John O’Brien and Mary Carroll, was born about 1874 in Askam, Lancashire, in the registration district of Bootle in the County of Cumberland, England.

He married Jessie Strike, the only daughter of Captain Strike, of Millom, and had a daughter Elsie, who was born in April 1896.  He was a long distance runner and competed professionally.

In July 1896, he left Southampton for South Africa.  In April 1897, he succumbed to typhoid fever in the Rand.

The Millom Gazette mentioned on July 4, 1896 that Andrew was

“Off To Africa…Leaving Millom to-night to be conveyed from Southampton for South Africa. Mrs. C. Richards; Messrs A. Bryan and Thos. Kendal per ss “Arundel Castle”. Booked by R. Sprague.”

On April 15, 1897 the same paper reported

“The Death of a Millom man in South Africa

On Saturday morning, sad news was received by the African mail that Mr. Andrew Bryan, late of Steel Green, Millom, and eldest son of Mr. John Bryan, had succumbed to typhoid fever and dysentery in the Rand. The previous mail brought tidings of his illness. Deceased left Millom about 11 months ago, and for a long time after his arrival in South Africa was unfortunate in not securing work. Of late, however, he had secured a good situation. The news of his death has been received with much regret. Two years ago he married the only daughter of Captain Strike, of Millom, and there is one child of the marriage. Deceased, a few years ago came out as a long distance runner, securing a few good prizes. Competing at professional sports, he lost his amateur status, and subsequently had few opportunities of showing his ability, which gave indication of being of no mean order during his short amateur life. It is consoling to hear by the same mail that the fever cases are becoming fewer in number owing to the approach of winter.



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