Col. Thomas Hammond

Col. Thomas Hammond, the son of Daniel Hammond and Lucy Jones, was born on February 20, 1762 in Newton, Mass.  He married Hanna Cross on March 25, 1784 and Sarah Penfield on September 9, 1819.  Thomas and Hanna had the following children:




Thomas D.


Charles F.




From the history of Pittsford:

Thomas Hammond was born in Newton, Mass., Feb. 20, 1762, and at the age of four years, was taken from his parents and carried [he rode horseback behind a man, forty miles the first day]  to Leicester, where he was bound to a farmer by the name of Denny and remained there most of the following sixteen years.  In 1778, he enlisted in the Continental army and was stationed some months at West Point, where he served as fifth corporal, a position of which, as he used to say, he felt prouder, than of any he ever afterward held.  He served but nine months in the army and then returned to Leicester.  In 1782, he came to Shaftsbury, Bennington County, Vt., and married Hannah, daughter of Ichabod Cross on March 25, 1784.

The following year his father in law (Ichabod Cross) gave him one hundred and ten acres of land in Pittsford which lay south of and adjoining the lot owned by William Cox.  He built a small house about twelve rods south of the Cox fort – Fort Mott – just across the ravine, and resided there three or four years, then cleared the land and built a house in what is now the southeast corner of the field on the west side of the road and about fifteen rods north of the brook on the town farm.  This was a frame house, clapboarded and shingled, and was used some years as a tavern.  After residing here some seven years, he built a house a few rods north of the present house on the town farm, and in this he resided till 1814, when he bought of Isaac and James Matson the farm now owned by Isaac C. Wheaton.  The large house on that farm was built by Col. Hammond, in 1814.  During the early years of his residence here, as also later, he kept a large flock of sheep, and the wolves sometimes made sad havoc among them. During one night they killed thirty and another night forty.

Thomas Denny was a distant cousin living in Leicester, MA and cared for Thomas Hammond due to the fact that Thomas’ father Daniel was bed-ridden for 15 years prior to his death.

Thomas is said to have enlisted in 1778 in the Continental Army and to have served nine months.  A Thomas Hammond, residence in Leicester, age 18 years, enlisted on July 5, 1780 in Capt. Frothingham’s Artillery Company and served until December 11,1780.  When he was twenty-one, Thomas left Leicester and went on foot to Shaftsbury, Vermont to work for Colonel Ichabod Cross, whose daughter Hannah, became Thomas’ first wife.  Colonel Cross gave Thomas and Hannah a tract of land in Pittsford, where they settled in 1786.  Thomas became active in civil affairs and served the town almost continuously until his death.  In 1791 he was sent as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention.  Three years later he was elected to the Vermont State legislature.  He served as an assistant County Judge for six years and was a member of the Executive Council of the State for four years.  In 1812, he helped organize the Pittsford Manufacturing Company for the manufacture of woolen cloth and served as the president of the company.


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